thinly spread and very tired

It’s that time of year when idk what’s droopier – my book bags, stuffed with endless assignment work and textbooks, or my eye bags getting darker and saggier as I log away less & less hours sleeping and more & more procrastinating/slightly working. OH and to quite literally top it off – guess who got their first, fat stress pimple of the year… this girl!

So as you may have realized by now, this post is just one long, seemingly endless complaint, whine, pity cry… whatever you may call it.

I actually began writing this after receiving  a mark back for my first paper of the semester. i got a 72…. pretty disappointed, but I kind of see why I got this mark. That being said, I DO know what to do to get a better mark. but here’s the thing, I knew that even when I was writing this paper, but it would require sooo much more effort and time. Because getting a higher mark means reading waaay more primary sources, and i mean actually reading not just skimming. plus it’s for a class that i sit in and wonder how terrible of a person i am because i genuinely just do not care about human rights, inequality blah blah. I mean yeah I care, but i definitely do not care enough to want to read this shit and participate. which brings me to my next point, literally the only reason I took the class was because I knew the professor… and my god what a horrible decision to make. DO. NOT. TAKE. CLASSES. YOU. ARE. NOT. INTERESTED. IN. PERIOD. lesson learned.

do i drop the class? i totally could, but would that harm my relationship with this professor? one that i was pretty much banking on for reference letters etc??? but there’s also my gpa to consider. you can always get more references, but gpa is only calculated once.. idk. decisions…



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